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Keratin Kits - Brazilian Hair Straightening Kits

Brazilian hair straightening is a miraculous innovation in hair straightening. Keratin hair treatments originated in Brazil and have taken the world by storm. Keratin is the major protein in hair, nails and skin, and it is amazingly effective at deeply conditioning and straightening hair.

Unlike other hair straightening techniques, our special keratin formulation intensely conditions and straightens hair without damaging it. It also provides added protection against the damaging effects of hair straighteners and blow dryers.

Stunningly beautiful results can be achieved for a fraction of the price charged by professional hair salons. The keratin complex works by penetrating and coating the hair, resulting in naturally straight, smooth and silky hair that can be quickly and easily styled in a fraction of the usual time.

One easy treatment lasts for around 3 months

Our salon-quality keratin treatment offers long-lasting straight and healthy hair in only one application. It leaves your hair looking smoother and straighter for months. The effects of the keratin treatment are semi-permanent; typically lasting about 3 months (with the correct aftercare).

Each home hair straightening kit contains enough pre-treatment clarifying shampoo and keratin complex for 2 full treatments on mid-length hair. If you have short hair you will probably get 3 treatments, and if you have very long hair you may only get one treatment. Thick hair normally absorbs more product than fine hair.

Each 1000ml bottle of professional keratin complex contains enough for approximately 30 treatments on short hair, 20 treatments on mid-length hair or 10 treatments on long hair.

How does it work?

Our incredible Brazilian hair straightening treatment deeply nourishes and conditions the hair. The keratin treatment helps to repair weak keratin bonds in the hair, significantly improving the hair’s texture and appearance.

The treatment helps to infuse keratin into the cuticle of the hair and fills in cracks and crevices that can make hair appear frizzy and dull.

The protective seal helps to lock in moisture and protect against the frizzing effects of humidity and wet weather. It also helps to increase smoothness and shine, making blow drying and styling much easier.

Safe and suitable for all types of hair

Our Brazilian hair straightening kits can be used on any type of hair, including virgin, permed, highlighted, coloured, bleached, lightened, blonde, brunette, black or redhead, coarse, fine, greasy, normal or dry.

Our product formulation does not contain formaldehyde.

Please Note: We do not recommend keratin kits are used on pregnant or nursing women, or children under 12 years of age.

We supply professional hair salons and kits for home use

Keratin Kits is the UK's most popular brand of Brazilian Hair Straightening Kits for home use. Keratin Kits can help you achieve high quality professional results in the comfort of your own home for a fraction of the price.

We also supply professional hair salons with what we, and countless satisfied customers, believe to be the best keratin treatment in the world.

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Customer Testimonial

I wasn't 100% sure this product would work on my frizzy hair, but at the price I figured it was worth a try. Even if it improved my a hair a bit it would have been worth it, but I was totally amazed by the results. I followed the instructions to the letter and about 2 hours later I had lovely smooth, straight and shiny hair. And there is still enough product left for another treatment. Totally amazing! Thank you so much!

Customer Testimonial

I had previously paid over £100 for a salon Brazilian blow dry and thought there must be a cheaper option, so swayed by the other positive reviews I bought the home treatment kit and got my son’s girlfriend to apply it for me. Time wise it took about an hour and half but the results are every bit as good as a salon Brazilian blow dry. There is enough in the kit for another treatment so well worth it.

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